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Baltic Fleet Museum

The museum is located in a two-storeyed house which was built in a pseudo-Gothic style in 1903. It used to be the city court of the first instance. The building was heavily damaged during the assault...

1 Kronstadtskaya St., 
Tel.: +7 (40145) 6-98-72, 6-41-87

Museum and Exhibition Complex "Amber Castle" (Yantarny Zamok)

In the museum there are exhibitions presenting the history of the region and of amber mining, exhibitions of contemporary artists, as well as amber auction sales. There is a pyramid made of amber in...

61a Sovietskaya Street, 
Tel.: +7 (40153) 3 73 86

German Brachert's Memorial House Museum

In 1993 in the village of Otradnoe near Svetlogorsk the German Brachert's Memorial House Museum was opened. Herman Brachert, a famous sculptor, used to live in this house.

the village of Otradnoe, 7 Tokareva Street, 
Tel.: +7 (40153) 2-11-66

Museum of History and Archaeology «Rantawa»

The Museum of History and Archaeology «Rantawa» was founded in 1993. The main museum exposition consists of finds from the excavation of the unique ancient archaeological site...

6 Armejskaya Street, 
Tel.: +7 (40155) 2 12 79

The Nature Museum of the Svetlogorsk forestry

The unique museum possesses 71 tree species, delivered from other continents. It was founded at the initiative of forestry officer Vladimir Haritonenko who began to gather the collection in 1980. In...

Lesnaya Srtreet, Svetlogorsk Forestry,