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Kaliningrad region


The Kaliningrad Region is the most western part of Russia, one of the most beautiful and unusual regions of the country. As early as in the beginning of the XX century, the resorts of the region were very popular among the European aristocracy. Nowadays the Kaliningrad Region is known for its well developed cultural, health and ecological tourism. 

The largest tourist centers of the region are the city of Kaliningrad and the Curonian Spit. Nature has endowed this land with picturesque landscapes and unique sources of health tourism. The major resorts of the region are the towns of Svetlogorsk and Zelenogradsk, which have been popular among Russian and European tourists for over two hundred years. The peculiarity of the resorts in the Kaliningrad Region consists in its healing mineral springs and amber therapy.

The beauty of the region will enchant you and hospitality of the people will win your heart forever. Welcome to the Amber Land!

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The Regional Tourism Information Center is located in the central part of Kaliningrad, in the building of the Drama Theater.

The Information Center collects and processes information about tourism in the Kaliningrad Region, compiles databases of its economic, tourist, cultural and creative resources, as well as interrelates tourism facilities within the region.

The InfoCenter distributes information booklets, maps and catalogs, informs visitors and residents of the region on the conditions for issuing visas, accommodation facilities, transportation system, guided tours, tourist sites and itineraries, as well as events taking place in the Kaliningrad Region.