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The town of Primorsk of the Kaliningrad region, former Fischhausen of East Prussia, is one of the oldest towns in the Russian Federation. It has an eventful 700-year history.


The settlement is first mentioned in 1228. As the Teutonic Order came to the area, the place was named Ruse-moter and in the 16th century it was called Rauschen.


Baltiysk is the westernmost town of Russia. The life of this amazing town is related to the sea and the strait, therefore history and main sights of the town are of “marine origin”.


After a royal sea resort had been established here, the settlement started to develop rapidly and prosper. In 1816 it also got its name Cranz which means "wreath".


The town of Svetly is the youngest town in the Kaliningrad region. It is situated on the north bank of the Kaliningrad Sea Canal.


Neukuhren is first mentioned in 1228 as a new settlement. This date is officially considered a date of foundation of Pionersky.


The urban-type settlement of Yantarny was a part of East Prussia and was called Palmnicken until 1945. The official date of its foundation is 1398.